Two of the “landmarks” or goals of the churches in the Northwest Region are leadership development and church transformation. One way to address these two goals is to periodically provide a Ministry Ethics Conference for both clergy and lay leaders. This training began in 1994 to address matters of ministerial ethics and to meet the requirements for ordination. 

We strongly recommend lay leaders and pastors attend this training. Pastoral search committees have been asked to provide the time and money for new pastors to attend this event within a year of arriving, if they have not done so already. The content is helpful for all people working with children and youth, those who have pastoral responsibilities, those serving on Ministerial Concerns and Standards departments, and those serving leadership or ministry roles in the church. This training meets requirements for ordination. The training has been broadened to include discussions about:

  • child abuse prevention in the church

  • financial integrity

  • self-care of the leader in maintaining healthy boundaries

  • internet and electronic media issues.

Beyond providing training required for ordination or insurance copies, the Ministry Ethics Conference seeks to encourage a culture of “ethical faith” within our churches. Scripture teaches that we are to live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ (Phil. 1:27); I believe our “ethical faith” will not only mark our obedience to Christ but will also be a tool of evangelism – drawing people to Christ through the way we live our lives and live our lives together in the church.

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