Is Your Church Healthy and Growing?

The assessment is similar to going to the doctor for a check-up.  It evaluates the church's health and identifies strengths and weaknesses.  Prescriptions are given that if implemented will lead to increased health and effectiveness.  The Region has conducted 40 assessments to date with positive results.

Mission Northwest Assessment Process for Local Churches

Numerous churches have taken advantage of this powerful evaluation tool the Region offers its churches. The fundamental goal of the assessment process is to assist congregations in becoming healthier and more mission-focused, for the Glory of God and the advance of His Kingdom.

By nature organizations become so caught up in the day-to-day routines they often overlook emerging opportunities for ministry or recognize systemic roadblocks to success. People involved in business and education are familiar with the advantages of outside eyes evaluating their organizations. Churches can benefit in like kind from external assessments. The assessment process is designed to objectively evaluate a congregation’s strengths and weaknesses. Specific prescriptions are given to capitalize on strengths along with remedial steps for eliminating ministry roadblocks. The expected result is a quicker shift towards increased growth and outward focus as the church implements the assessment prescriptions.

Compelling reasons for conducting a Church Assessment:

  • Determination of your church’s health and potential for growth
  • Unbiased analysis of present ministries
  • Provide counsel for ministry opportunities
  • Identify barriers to effectiveness
  • Leverage positive change
  • A major step towards health and outward focus

The Assessment Process typically includes:

  • Gathering of historical, financial and demographic information
  • All-Church Online Survey
  • Conducting focus groups and Individual Interviews
  • Determining the church’s Life Cycle
  • On-site visit with observations of worship, teaching and fellowship gatherings
  • Assembly and analysis of all data
  • Verbal report covering the assessment’s conclusions to the entire congregation – typically conducted on Sunday afternoon or evening

The Online Survey portion of the Assessment includes the following:

  • Mission NW creates and provides the survey instrument
  • Survey is administered online over the Internet
  • Paper copy of the survey made available for non-Internet users
  • Mission NW analyzes the data and reports findings and recommendations to leadership


  • A summary report in PowerPoint format with strategic recommendations is presented to leaders and the congregation at the conclusion of the assessment weekend
  • A published summary of the Online Survey results
  • Opportunity for questions to be directed to the Mission NW consultant or team is included in the reporting process
  • Recommendations for follow-up coaching, training and ministry mapping


(These prices apply only to Mission Northwest churches supporting the Region through regular missions giving. These costs are heavily underwritten by the Region as a service to its constituent congregations. Typical street cost for an assessment runs $6,000 to $16,000.)

  • For churches averaging less than 100 in worship attendance: $10 per average Sunday morning worship attendance plus expenses
  • Churches over 100 in average Sunday worship attendance: $1,000 plus expenses (travel, hotel and meals)
  • The Senior Pastor must be an active member of a Leadership Learning Community
  • A church experiencing financial constraints may request a scholarship from the Region to assist with expenses of the assessment

To schedule an assessment contact:

Dr. Charles Revis
Executive Minister of Mission Northwest