Leadership Tune-Up Pre-Conference Mental Health First Aid Training

Leadership Tune-Up Pre-Conference Mental Health First Aid Training

Sept 29-30, 2019
Ross Point Camp, Post Falls, ID

Every day the news carries another story about the rising rate of suicides among youth. Drug and alcohol abuse continues to rise. As a church leader do you know how to respond if someone you know seems to be suicidal or showing signs of substance abuse? 

Responding to these challenges Pastor Corey Laughary from Palouse, WA is offering training in Mental Health First Aid. Check out the following for more information…  

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, mental health first aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. In the mental health first aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help.

The cost for this training is subsidized thanks to the generous support of Palouse Federated Church, the Palouse Lions Club, individual donors and a grant from the INNOVIA Foundation's new Life on the Palouse Grant Program.


Leadership Tune-Up Pre-Conference Mental Health First Aid Training

September 29-30, 2019

Sunday:  5:30 PM – 8:00 PM (PST)

Monday:  8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PST)

Ross Point Camp & Conference Center

820 S. Ross Point Rd.

Post Falls, ID. 83854

COST: $75 (CLASS VALUE IS $170+) 
Includes your workbook, as well as dinner Sunday and breakfast Monday.


Registration and lodging for this pre-conference MHFA Training is separate from your registration and lodging for Mission Northwest’s Leadership Tune-Up.

For more information click here: MHFA @ Ross Point – Palouse Federated Church

Leadership Tune-Up

Leadership Tune-Up

Ross Point Camp & Conference Center (map)

The culture of a church, more than any other factor, determines its well-being and its success in mission. Church cultures may be of the unhealthy variety: toxic, inward-focused, passive-aggressive, for starters. Or, church cultures may be vibrant, healthy, creative and full of the joy of Jesus Christ. So much depends on the values the church embraces and nurtures. Just as soil needs cultivation to produce healthy growth so do churches. This year’s Leadership Tune-Up will focus on cultivating healthy, Christ-centered church cultures. Plan to join this year’s gathering as the speakers, workshops, roundtables, informal conversations and worship gatherings all help us lean into this important topic of discussion, learning and application. This year's plenary speakers are Jim Powell and Kelly Legg.

Ministry Ethics Conference

NOVEMBER 1-2, 2019

Friday: 3:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Offered Onsite in Cle Elum, WA and by Video Conference

Two of the “landmarks” or goals of the churches in the Northwest Region are leadership development and church transformation. One way to address these two goals is to periodically provide a Ministry Ethics Conference for both clergy and lay leaders. This training began in 1994 to address matters of ministerial ethics and to meet the requirements for ordination. 

This training is for all pastors, church leaders, and ministry workers. In addition to meeting a requirement for ordination for pastors, the material covered satisfy church insurance directives that ministry volunteers and staff receive boundaries training. Elected church leaders will also gain insights into how to create healthy ministry boundaries within the congregation.

Four key areas of transformed behavior patterns within the congregation will be presented:

  • sexual boundaries

  • financial integrity

  • electronic communications/social media

  • boundaries of the pastoral role.

In addition to the onsite gathering, the conference will also be offered in its entirety via Zoom (video conferencing). This conference is only held periodically, so don't miss this opportunity!

Cost: $40 – includes all materials and your continuing education certificate (upon completion of conference)


Registration closes October 25, 2019

Contact Us with any questions.

Bozeman FX Vision Day

Bozeman First Baptist Church (map)

ticket includes lunch


Growing from our belief that there is a need for more churches and different forms of the church Mission Northwest has entered into a partnership with Fresh Expressions, USA.

We believe that the Holy Spirit will lead many of our established churches to start churches outside their physical location among people who would never consider attending church on a given Sunday. The Vision Days are designed to introduce our churches to FX and encourage experimenting with a Fresh Expressions form of church. This will be our second Vision Day in the region. The first one was offered in Boise. Come and learn more about Fresh Expressons. Investigate the concept. Bring your most influential leaders. Sign up today!

Here's some additional information about the event:

Vision Days are a great way to discover more about what it means to be involved in starting fresh expressions of church. Over 4,000 people have participated in Vision Days in more than 60 different cities.

A typical Vision Day lasts 6 hours and provides the perfect opportunity to discover what it means to be the Church in new and creative ways, hear from Fresh Expressions practitioners, learn how to renew existing congregations through fresh expressions of church, and discern what this could mean for our region, community, or neighborhood. There is active discussion as well as opportunity to build networks and relationships among those in your area.

At the Vision Day you will discover:

  • How fresh expressions of church are renewing the church around the world

  • What it means for your church to be Mission-Shaped

  • How to intentionally engage with the community beyond your church walls

  • Tools for starting fresh expressions of church in your area

The Vision Day is ideal for:

  • Anyone interested in renewal within established congregations

  • Those interested in building relationships and serving the communities in which they live or work

  • Those who have real questions about fresh expressions and mission-shaped church

  • Those who have started something new and need some practical help

What’s the schedule?

9.00am Gathering Time – Coffee & Refreshments

9.30am Welcome & Worship

10.00am Session # 1 – Movement: How Fresh Expressions Is Changing the Landscape

10.45am Break

11.00am Session # 2 – Need: Why Fresh Expressions Matter for the Church

12.00pm Lunch Break

12.45pm Session # 3 – Form: Creating Fresh Expressions in Context

2.00pm Break

2.15pm Local Story Interview & Q&A

Session # 4 – Action: How It’s Happening and How You Can Get Involved

2:50pmThe Vision Day is led by the Fresh Expressions team and is carefully planned in partnership with Mission Northwest and First Baptist Church Boise.

3.30pm Closing