Dear Family, Friends and others interested in Haiti Mission:

I am sending this letter to people and churches who have expressed an interest in previous mission trips, the current trip to Haiti, have gone on a trip, or in some way have supported the previous trips either financially, through prayers or in some other way.

A trip is arranged to go to Northern Haiti June 23- July 2, 2013.  The mission trip has a two fold mission; to assist Haitians in conducting a Vacation Bible School that they are putting together and to develop a nursery for both trees and gardens plants for people in the surrounding community.

We will be working along side of Haiti’s Eden which is developing multiple projects including church, school, clinic, literacy, water, agriculture and other projects.  They made good progress on the first five and are looking forward to helping the community through agriculture and other projects so people have better lives both physically and spiritually.  The project, located at Limbe, has the goal of “Sharing the Love of Christ within the Community.”

Last year the VBS had 157 children.  Leaders are dreaming bigger this year.  The VBS will be June 28, 29 and 30.  Each volunteer will be paired with someone who speaks English so we can work along side of them.  One of our functions will be helping with recreation.

The second project is a nursery for trees and for vegetables to be distributed in the community to help in reforestation and to improve nutrition.  The Eden Community has sponsored four young people who will graduate in agriculture from the Northern Haiti Christian University this spring.  These graduates will work alongside the community.  Monel, the leader or the community and one of our former students, would like me to focus on the nursery.  I expect the graduates have much of the agricultural training but could benefit from the experience that we can bring to the project.  Again we would have the privilege of working alongside of some young Haitians who plan to help others in their community.

I encourage you to pray for us as this project comes together.  I am hoping that we will have an idea of who the volunteers might be by early April.   I have communicated this to the American Baptist Pastors in Spokane area and already have a couple of potential volunteers from Open Door Church in Deer Park.  I have set this date so I can orient the volunteers as to how to prepare for the trip.

Some of the volunteers including myself need to raise support.   Each volunteer will need $2,000 for the trip which includes transportation, hotels in transit, and in country (Haiti) expenses.  In addition, I estimate a need of $800 to get the tools, seeds and other items to get the nursery set up.  I hope to have the travel money by early May so we can order tickets at a reasonable rate.  We would be glad to visit churches to explain more about the project. 

For additional information you can contact me at the above address, by e-mail at, by phone at 509/276-6561 (message phone) or at my cell 509/999-1862.


Gene Gentry