Congratulations to Newton Old Crow, Sr., who received the 2017 Cora and John Sparrowk President's Award at the ABC-USA biennial meeting in Portland, OR, on July 2, 2017. It was a joy to see Newton receive this award. At the conclusion of the presentation, Newton removed his hat and pointed upward, giving thanks to the Lord. Afterwards, Newton said it was really Amelia who should have received it. That humility is a hallmark of Newton's faith and life in Christ.

Some of the remarks read at the presentation are below. You can read the complete presentation at this LINK.

Newton Old Crow served as a pastor with his wife, Amelia. He was born in 1932 into a cultural world that was one of forced transition as his people struggled with a new way of living. Crow married his wife, Amelia, in 1980; in the years after, he and Amelia each received a Pastoral Certificate from the Cook College and Theological School in Arizona, and in June of 1989, Newton was Licensed for Ministry by the Crow Christian Association. He and his wife moved to Oklahoma to pastor together to three churches in the communities of Seiling, Canton, and Watonga, OK. Their ministry was primarily with the Southern Arapaho, Southern Cheyenne, and Kiowa people.

In September 1997 Newton and Amelia were called to pastor at the First Crow Indian Baptist Church and the Little Brown Church in Lodge Grass, MT. This brought him back to Crow Country to work with his people in the community where he grew up. He founded the Christian Cowboy Fellowship, a ministry that continues today. He also started a Rodeo Camp for Youth. During Newton’s pastoral ministry, he baptized many new Christians, both young people and adults.