Mission Insite Demographic Service Offered to ABC-NW Churches

Do you know who your church is attempting to reach? A common response is, “everyone.” Which, often means, no one in particular, resulting in a scattered, unfocused, often non-existent outreach effort. Churches that are successful in outreach usually have one, two or three target groups they are attempting to reach. 
Remember Saddleback’s “unchurched Harry and Mary”? From the outset, Rick Warren held in mind a composite image of the person he was attempting to reach through the new church he was planting. Despite the naysayers, this was a smart missional strategy with astounding results. Since it’s inception Saddleback has targeted numerous people groups—a wide variety in fact—for outreach in their immediate area with great success. 
How about your church? Do you know who you are trying to reach? And, do you have a ministry plan that takes this knowledge into account? For churches intent on successful outreach these are critical questions that beg for answers.
Conducting a thorough demographic study of the immediate surroundings is a crucial starting point in any outreach endeavor. Gathering pertinent data is possible, but challenging. 
In an effort to help ABC of the Northwest access demographic information in a usable format that will enlighten outreach efforts the Region has contracted with Mission Insite, a cutting edge Christian demographic service. This web-based service offers multiple applications for the local church and the Region as a whole. The site offers the following for a local church:

  • Instant demographic reports.
  • User determined geographic areas by zip code, city and county boundaries, squares, rectangles, radius or multi-shaped polygons.
  • An extremely wide variety of demographic information with as much, or as little detail as desired.
  • Mosaic lifestyle demographic reports generated through Experian.
  • Mosaic based psychographic reports generated through Experian with descriptives written for the local church by Tom Bandy.
  • Quadrennium Project Report providing a projection of likely religious beliefs, preferences and practices for a defined study area. 
  • Plot your congregants (members, visitors, new movers etc.) to analyze current and future ministries.
  • Opportunity scan to locate new mission potential.
  • And much more.

This service is available to all active churches that regularly give mission support to ABCNW and engage with the Region through a local LLC, training events and other gatherings such as the ABCNW Biennial. 
How do you gain access to the service? Send an email, or call the Region office and notify us of your interest. In turn we will send you an access code to register your church for the service. There is no cost for the service. Call or email today for qualification and access code.
We believe that this service will be a great help for churches reaching their surrounding communities, especially for focusing on specific population groups.  This service is made possible through special donations from a dozen ABCNW churches and individuals, Region funds and an exceptionally generous $5,000 donation from the new Yellowstone Theological Institute in Bozeman, MT. 
More details regarding what Mission Insite offers may be found at their web site: www.missioninsite.com.