Check out this excellent television story on our very own River Valley Church in Missoula, MT with pastor Dave Lodwig. It features their name change from First Baptist to their new name. As Pastor Dave explains they felt--and was later confirmed through on-the-streeet interviews--that the name "Baptist" was a barrier to reaching younger adults and people with no church background. So, the church changed it's name. This is just one piece of a multi-layered strategy River Valley church is employing to better reach its community and kick start growth. The story also features Scott Klaudt, founding pastor of Zootown Church. Pastor Scott was one of our speakers at the 2015 Leadership Tune-Up.

"More often than not, the reason people come to church week in and week out if they're looking for a place they can find hope -- hope for a life better than what they have today," Missoula First Baptist Church Pastor Dave Lodwig.