Sun Kim: Journey to Ordination Is the Beginning

March 20, 2016, marked the celebration and culmination of years of prayer, obedience and preparation by Sun Kim and many other people in his life. That day, First Baptist Church of Des Moines, WA ordained Sun Kim to the gospel ministry. It was an inspiring service that included participation by Sun’s father (Yoan Kim) and brother (Woun Kim) as well as many others, including Worth Wilson and Charles Revis of Mission Northwest, who came alongside during his journey.

November 8, 2015 was the last major event on the road of preparation that led to ordination. That day FBC called an ordination council for Sun who had worked through the required steps with the guidance of the WA/N. ID Ministerial Concerns and Standards Department. Sun did an excellent job responding to a vigorous examination by the members of Mission Northwest churches in attendance. At the conclusion, the council voted unanimously to recommend that FBC of Des Moines proceed with the ordination and that Mission Northwest recognize Sun’s ordination.

Those were some of the markers on the path to ordination. What is not always known and seldom seen by most people are the years of preparation, education, mentoring and internships. A pastor who has a standard ordination has nearly as much formal education as a physician entering residency training. In the midst of all the training are the hours of prayer and Bible study, searching for God’s continued leading. There are deep conversations with other pastors and mentors, also seeking to confirm God’s guidance.

Sun Kim’s ordination was a culmination of prayer and preparation. It also marked a beginning of a lifetime of ministry of leading others to faith and obedience. Sun’s major role now is to lead any congregation he serves to bring the good news of Jesus to our broken world, to develop life-long followers of Jesus, and to shepherd others among these disciples who might be called by the Lord for ministerial servie.

Where does it all begin? With a response of obedience to God’s moving in many hearts and minds with the conviction God is saying, “Set apart for me [these] for the work to which I have called them” (Acts 13:2).

Pictured above from left to right: Mike Zieman, Sun Kim, and Paul Caughey.

Pictured above from left to right: Mike Zieman, Sun Kim, and Paul Caughey.