Annual Leadership Tune-Up

The Leadership Tune-Up is for all pastors, church leaders and motivated church members all across Mission Northwest. 

Consider bringing your top team of leaders!

This year's Leadership Tune-Up focuses on helping churches and leaders adapt their ministry efforts in a post-everything world. 
The ministry landscape in this 21st century world is significantly different than the by-gone world of the 1950s and 1960s on which most church models are based. Pastors and church leaders are struggling to navigate this new world. Many churches are declining, some are at death’s door, while others have found new life, but not without major retooling. The ministry map for this new world has yet to be charted. 
This year’s Leadership Tune-Up will face this challenge and wrestle with approaches for finding new ways towards ministry effectiveness in the midst of this new world in which we find ourselves. Referencing adaptive change, systems theory, organizational transformation and entrepreneurial leadership participants will gain insights for thriving in today’s ministry context. 
The plenary sessions, workshops and table conversations will encourage our family of leaders to experiment, adapt and move out in faith.  

The conference will begin, as it does each year, with lunch at noon on Monday and will conclude Tuesday evening. Most attenders stay through Wednesday breakfast and then head home. 

This year’s line-up of speakers include Dr. Tod Bolsinger, author and church leadership expert, Dr. Lee Spitzer, General Secretary of the ABC-USA, and two Mission Northwest pastors giving TED Style talks. In addition there will be a line-up of breakout sessions related to the theme, again, led by Mission Northwest people, all of whom are in the trenches leading ministry in similar contexts to your ministry situation.

Dr. Lee Spitzer will speak once on Monday, Sept 25, and offer two breakout sessions. Tod Bolsinger will speak three times on Tuesday, Sept 26, and offer one breakout session.