• First Baptist Church of Everett (map)
  • 1616 Pacific Ave
  • Everett, WA, 98201
  • United States

Kyle and Katrina Williams, from Everett, Washington, have been appointed to serve in partnership with the Baptist Community of Congo at the Pastoral Institute of Kikongo.

They will assist with the training of pastors and their spouses in theology, literacy and church and rural development. Kyle has recently finished a Master's of Science at Central Washington University where he focused on racism and its driving mechanism and techniques to overcome it. Katrina is a photographer and graphic artist. Together they have worked summers at a family commercial fishing site in Alaska and are homeschooling their four children.

Congo remains one of the most tribally diverse nations on the planet, and this tribalism can effect people's desire to love their neighboring tribe. Kyle hopes to implement his thesis topic, implicit bias toward the other (treating people differently but thinking you don't), into the pastoral training in order to allow future pastors more tools and information about carrying out the second greatest commandment.