Is Your Church In Pastoral Transition?

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Securing an Interim Pastor

Regional Staff work to recruit, train, coach and appoint suitable pastors who are available to serve as an interim minister. This involves networking with retiring pastors, other Regions and maintaining a list of available interim ministers. We endeavor to match the particular experience, skills and passions of interim ministers with the needs of churches who are in between pastors. The specialized temporary leader, not vested in the past or future, can candidly assess problem situations, help the congregation heal, grow and lead the church toward a new vision and new pastor. Therefore our bias is to place "Intentional Interim Ministers" to prepare congregations for the next phase of ministry, which usually begins when the permanent pastor is called. Simply treading water during the interim period is not advice and can be harmful to a church's health. In the light of this in most situations we prefer deploying interim ministers who have proven leadership skills and a track record of leading change with finesse. 

Five General Tasks for the Interim

  1. Assisting a congregation to assess its recent history and make needed changes to ensure faithfulness to Christ's mission as it prepares for the future.
  2. Helping the congregation discover and articulate its mission, vision, values, strategies and beliefs (its unique identity).
  3. Guiding the church through numerous adjustments that come from the change in pastors.
  4. Renewing and strengthening authentic, vital relationships with sister Mission Northwest churches and their pastors.
  5. Preparing the congregation with strong hopes and a clear vision in welcoming the new pastor.