region governance

The ultimate authority for the Region rests with delegates from member churches as they assemble together for official business. Typically such business gatherings take place every other year. Therefore, the Region Board functions as the Board of Directors on behalf of Mission Northwest in between Assembly meetings transacting necessary business. The Region is structured according to an "Accountable Governance" model (sometimes called "Policy Governance"). As such, the Board establishes annual missional goals, writes and enforces Region policies, and oversees the Region's financial resources. The Executive Minister works collaboratively with the Region Board and is accountable to the Board. All staff reports to the Executive Minister.

Region Board Covenant

The Region Board convenes in accordance with values and beliefs in a Covenant adopted in 2009. The purpose of the covenant is to strengthen the mutual work and witness of the Board as each board member solemnly commits to the Covenant's standards. These expectations include commitments to regular prayer, mutual respect, refusal to gossip, valuing each participant's contribution and exercising wise stewardship of the Region's resources among other vital standards for belief and action. The Board believes that the practice of agreeing to covenantal behaviors reflects the Spirit of Christ and follows biblical precedent.