We are in the season of receiving the America for Christ Offering. As a home mission organization the Region receives 1/3rd of this special offering which helps to undergird the Region’s budget. We greatly appreciate the financial assistance this offering provides.

In addition to supporting the Region, the offering provides resources used for many home mission efforts. One of these is our very own Friendship House in Billings, MT. This ministry is located in the depressed area of South Bilings where many children are in need of clothing, food, family stability, education enrichment and spiritual guidance.

Rev. Matt Lundgren is the current director and has led this ministry in the last several years in tripling its budget, upgrading the facility and broadening its partnership with the churches in Billings.

The Mission of Friendship House is: Reflecting the love of Jesus Christ by fostering renewal, stability and transformation in the lives of youth and families in South Billings.

When your church gives to the America for Christ Offering you are supporting ministries such as Friendship House. Back in the fall Patti Duckworth and I had the opportunity check out all the wonderful changes that have taken place through Matt's leadership. I was impressed and moved by this ministry that is touching so many lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about this vital ministry at www.friendshipmt.org/