Apparently Montana has passed new legislation requiring each non-profit corporation to verify that the property it owns is being occupied and used for non-profit purposes. This requirement is in addition to the annual report required of all non-profit corporations. Most churches have received notices of this new requirement in the mail. If your church has not received a notice it would be a smart move to check out what is required at the following links:

Here is the notice as it appears on the Montana State web site:

New! All nonprofit organizations and other tax exempt property owners need to reapply for property tax exemption. A new state law requires owners of tax exempt real property in exempt status before 2014 to submit an application by March 1, 2016.

The new law affects about 10,000 tax exempt properties in Montana. The reapplication requirement includes property owned by most nonprofit organizations, private schools and colleges, churches, parsonages, low income housing, veterans’ clubhouses, community service and fraternal organizations, cemeteries, and land leased from a railroad by a nonprofit organization.

The department is mailing letters and applications in early December to organizations with tax exempt properties in the state system.

By March 1, 2016, tax exempt property owners need to submit the real property tax exemption application, (AB-30R), all required documentation, and a small application fee. The fee is $15 for a vacant land parcel, $25 for a land parcel with structures. There is no application fee for nonprofits with total gross receipts less than $5,000. Applicants should mail the application materials to Montana Department of Revenue, PO Box 8018, Helena, MT 59624-8018.