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Mongolian Fellowship Update from Newport Hills Community Church

by Rev. Paul Burnham, Pastor NHCC, Bellevue, WA

We have about thirty Mongolians that we minister to regularly. Over the past three years we have had sixteen salvation experiences and baptisms in that group. Bayansetseg Ulziibayar (Mary) is a wonderful evangelist that has a big heart for her people.

Because of her efforts we have purchased a listening system for all the Mongolians and she interprets the sermon each week for them to hear in their language. A Mongolian Bible Study teaching the basics of Christianity takes place between our two services.

Our Mongolian Fellowship is on the last Sunday of the month. On that Sunday, we have three services at NHCC and the 3rd one is for the Mongolians. Usually I teach something out of our discipleship process here at NHCC. Right now we are going through some Christian Disciplines. At this service we sing songs in Mongolian, spend time in prayer, and learn from the Bible how God wants us to live.

Mary and I are working towards her preparing the lesson and doing the teaching instead of me doing it and her interpreting it.  We are also working now on purchasing from Rosetta Stone and starting a class for the Mongolians teaching them English.  Two of us are taking a class to learn Mongolian from one of our newer attendees, so we can communicate better with them.

God has done a great thing in us through the Mongolians and has done a marvelous thing with the Mongolians through us. It has been an incredible blessing for all to have God orchestrate this fellowship.