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Good Friday Service Idea

Dr. Charles Revis, Executive Minister, ABC of the Northwest

Where does an executive minister find a Good Friday service in Post Falls and/or Coeur D Alene? Almost no where. I didn't even try to find one this year because last year I called several churches only to discover that NONE of them had a Good Friday service. (I was looking for one mid-day...which, I'm sure was part of the problem.) I gave up!

As I was reviewing what some of our churches did for Holy Week this year I came across this really cool idea from Second Baptist in Boise, ID. Chad Marvin, is their pastor of worship and arts, and he announced that they would host a "Come and Go" service from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on Good Friday. He described it in this way: "This means that the service runs from 6 to 8 and you're free to come and stay for as long or as little as you want. The worship center will be sectioned off into several smaller areas where you can reflect on the sacrifice that God's Son gave; the price He paid for us at Calvary. There are slide shows to watch, readings to reflect on, and activities to participate in as you walk through the Passover, the garden, the upper room and the crucifixion. It's experiential and incredibly moving...."

I would encourage you to host an event like this on Good Friday to reach out to your community. (Maybe post yourself a reminder in February.) If your church is located near businesses, such as a downtown location, you might consider offering this drop-in approach to the Good Friday Service from Noon to 2:00 PM, and again in the evening. Don't forget to send out lots of invitations, and post it in the local newspaper. If you provide this kind of a Good Friday Service, let me know, I may show up!

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