The Fresh Expressions Vision Day on November 3rd was a great success with roughly 60 people in attendance. As a region we greatly appreciate the hospitality of True Hope Church-FBC Downtown Boise. Participants learned how God is using this movement to start up churches among sub-cultures of people who would never consider attending an established church. Fresh Expressions of church are usually started by a regular church attender with connections among a group of people with a common interest. This person usually has entrepreneurial wiring and a desire to see people come to know Jesus outside of church. Plans are in the works for the next Vision Day in the Seattle Area sometimes in March. Click HERE to learn more about Fresh Expressions, USA.

Speaking of Fresh Expressions Paul and Leona Burnham are developing a Dinner Church in West Seattle on Fridays at noon. The gathering has grown to over twenty people with people from the community and The Junction Church all pitching in to help. Please pray for the continuing development of this new effort.

LaJolla Christian Fellowship (CA) received $8,000 in Palmer Grant money to continue developing its “Surf Church.” Surf Church is a community of surf-stoked friends who desire to share faith, joy, barrels, and life together. Surf Church is a ministry of La Jolla Christian Fellowship in partnership with Christian Surfers that connects surfers to Jesus. Surf Church meets every other Thursday night to share a meal and message. This is usually following an evening surf at one of the many awesome surf spots in the La Jolla area. (Check out this great article in LaJolla’s local newspaper LINK.)

First Baptist Church Filer, ID recently took the bold step of inviting Mission Northwest to engage in a Church Assessment. Over 40 people provided insights through participation in an online survey. Five focus groups convened and staff interviews were conducted. A large crowd gathered on Sunday evening, November 18 to receive the results. Filer FBC’s pastor is Rev. Andy Paz. Dr. Charles Revis and Rev. Patti Duckworth conducted the church assessment.

First Baptist Church of Everett, WA celebrated the 30-year long ministry and retirement of Dr. Brian Harpell on Saturday, October 19. Rev. Bob Cameron, Mission Northwest president and Pastor Tyrone Garay, local mentor pastor, represented the region. Dr. Charles Revis participated through a video message that was sent in advance.

Dr. Charles Revis enjoyed the privilege of speaking at the Biennial Leadership Conference of the ABC of Pennsylvania and Delaware in Altoona, PA October 19 & 20. The theme of ABCOPAD’s meeting was “Living at the Edge.” Dr. Frank Frischkorn is the executive minister of this thriving and wonderful sister region.


Community Baptist Church, Midvale, ID--Pastor Clayne Beck

Mudlake Community Church, Terreton, ID--Pastor Steve Morreale

Summit Church, Boise, ID--Pastor Gary Cooper

FBC Everett, WA--Pastor Bill McCready

Park Heights Baptist Church, Spokane WA--Pastor Glen Douglas

FBC Hoquiam, WA--Pastor Gary Shirbish

Murray Baptist Church, UT--Pastor Karl Dumas

FBC/Christiana Communidad, Yakima, WA--Pastor Andy Ferguson

FBC Olympia, WA--Pastor Paul Aita

Gilford Community Baptist Church (No interim at present)

FBC Castleford, ID (No interim at present)

FBC Twin Falls, ID (No interim at present)

Blessed Life Community Church, Bellevue, WA (No interim at present)

FBC Raymond, WA (No interim at present)

FBC Weiser, ID (No interim at present)

Lynden Community Church, WA (No interim at present)